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    A few thought about crafting and such

    Have been tryin this wonderful sandbox a few days now and found it very very addictive

    Have a few thoughts though.

    Material info when hovering with mousepointer, such as weight (encumbrance)

    Naming bins, so one can see what its for when on ground.

    When crafting material, show in recipe the amount it will result in (10 x threads)

    Being able to use material from bin on ground

    Have some sort of cart to transport bins with stuff in them. When pulling cart speed restriction forced walking. Abandon cart due to owner dead lootable, perhaps after a certain time, giving owner time to spawn and return.

    Just placing a bin on the ground in unclaimed areas or areas claimed by other tribe should be lootable.

    Communication over range with smoke signals perhaps? Flash with light and use morse code (home made code if needed)

    Perhaps have posting board both tribal only and also public, to post missions, wanted items, selling items and such.

    Sure can figure out more but am also sure someone else has had the samew ideas and perhaps they're already been disgarded and if so, apologize for re-iterating.
    Join me in the sandbox

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    Good stuff gerrig72, And a lot of what you have said has been said before. Some have made it onto the to do list and some are on the I will think about it list.

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