A band of survivors, grouped together for safety in numbers. Often unpredictable, never recognizable, these survivors operate with their own self interests in mind. A neutral tribe, The mongrels wont hesitate to perform good or evil acts as long as the end result benefits them in some way, be it strategically, or in supplies or valuables. The Mongrels have no ranks in leadership, and at any given time the members may choose to appoint a new tribe leader, as leadership roles are voted on in true democracy. If The Mongrels lose faith in their current leadership, they tend to band together behind whomever they see as a better choice, sometimes with the new and old leaders fighting to the death, or if their leader has made too many bad decisions, he might be exiled from the tribe completely. Less of a military unit and more like a group of homeless people living off the scraps they find to survive, The Mongrels have been likened to rats, infesting the areas with the raw materials they need, devouring them and moving on when an area is a completely depleted barren wasteland. Mongrels can often be found solo, or living as members of other tribes as a tool of surveillance. Finding what resources and weaknesses another tribe has so they can bring their group in when the other tribe's guard is down and loot them dry. We are thieves. Murderers. The new average citizen of the age of the apocalypse.

So in summary, if you are a loner, who enjoys solo play but wants the safety of a tribal unit; or if you are looking for group play without a lot of the rules other clans impose on their membership we might just be the tribe for you. We will be using Ventrilo to keep connected, and will be establishing a village on launch day. If this sounds like it's up your alley, pm me here, or send a /w to Scrooloose in game.