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    Pandemic Tribe- Join now!


    New Tribe has arived to rule them all! I have been leader of many great guilds/ corporations but still one to be for tribe!


    My background is heavy online gaming I have spent many years in Eve I love complexity and strive to always achieve goals.

    Tribe itself

    we will value friendship and teamwork since this is great game to bring people together and work for same objective. Nothing can be more important than that in here.

    We will be looking for:

    * Fun people
    * Pvpers who can stand their ground
    * Skilled people that love crafting
    * Sense of humor
    * Active people
    * Mature people (over 18s only please)

    So what else are you thinking join us for this ride!

    Send me in game message or pop on to our teamspeak 3: port:9987

    (see Inquisitor for more info in ts3)

    Pandemic Tribe awaits YOU

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    Looking for EU timezone people mainly at the moment

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    sign me up Star_God

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    same pandemic legion from eve?

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    only name ;-) but not the same one...

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