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    Patch Server Down!

    Woot, looks like this is it! hehe *dances from foot to foot* Goodbye useless abandoned single tribe totems!

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    I wonder how long the server will be down, and what exactly are they ganna add with this patch....

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    February 6 2011:10:50 PM PST

    The servers will be down for about an hour for an update.
    It's a total wipe, testing the terrain baking system, and I am sure he has some surprises in there that we just have to discover on our own.

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    Woot!! Cant wait to get back into the game, gonna be sweet I bet.

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    He says about an hour in the server status thread

    edit: patching now woot!

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    wow big patch, 1.34 gigs

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    how many times did you restart the patcher ?

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    lol like 7 before it didnt lock up

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    corrupted some files, so its redownloading them is all.

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    Mine keeps saying Error Could not create a file

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