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Thread: Xsyons setting

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    Xsyons setting

    I'm curious about the setting described on the homepage with the rift to another realm having been opened etc.
    Is this something that the devs are still working towards, with magic, mythical beasties and gods etc that is described there?

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    From my blog Xsyon: Q&A with Jooky of Notorious Games

    On the Home page of the Xsyon website it says there will be many benevolent gods, The seven seals are about to be broken, The Four Horsemen loom over the land awaiting their chance to spread destruction and chaos. It goes on to say that Devils and angels vie for control of their earthly battlefield.

    7) How many gods are we talking about?

    In the Prelude, the God of the Bible and gods associated with the Washoe nation.

    8 ) How big of a part will the gods play in our day-to-day lives?

    This will depend on the player.

    9) With Xsyon sounding something like a hybrid between fantasy and apocalypse, Will Xsyon be a magic heavy game later?

    I am planning to evolve the world to be something like in Arcanum, where there is a balance of magic and technology, but keeping things primitive for a while.
    12) What kind of mutant animals can we expect to see?

    The current in game creatures (bear, deer, coyotes, raccoons) have several mutant versions. We will be adding many creatures for launch and they will all eventually have mutant versions.

    13) With this being a game set in the apocalypse will there be zombies? And if so, Are they more animal or NPC?

    Yes, zombies will arise sometime during the Prelude. They will be NPC monsters with full visible loot (armor and weapons).

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    And even better than that, Questions for the week of 12/19 through 12/26

    aliksteel asks:
    What type of mythical creatures are we talking about for the game?
    Based on local mythology (BigFoot for example).

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    Thanks, your blog and the Q&A's answered alot of questions.

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