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Thread: Freeze patching

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    Freeze patching

    My client not response on "processing packs....................." when I patch...

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    Processing packs takes a long time with this update.

    If you are getting stuck processing packs, you can try deleting these files, one by one, and running the launcher after each file is deleted.


    Please let me know which file seems to have caused the problem.


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    for me i only restart launcher and start download texture.xsip well :P ( i hope dont bug )

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    im processing for 35min it normal?

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    Yes, it can take a long time. To speed up the process you can delete files as I outlined above. We are looking into to why this Processing is taking so long and causing problems this time.

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    I haven't deleted any files and I see that now the processing work, but yes take long time.

    Edit: It's Texture.xsip that take long time to processing

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    My launcher hung on the processing stage so I deleted the Mesh.xsip file and restarted it. It took a long time (about 1 hour) but it did finally finish after deleting just the first file on your list.

    I hope that my report is helpful in figuring out the snags. I think the patch process needs some refinement before the game is released. Keep up the good work.

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