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    For low ping non believers

    I still get the occasional spike but for the most part my ping stays between 15ms-16ms. I am in chicago for those who weren't present during the general chat arguement.

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    Yup the servers are your neighbourgs

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    220ms to brazilian but most market is

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    125 ms from germany and very stable except when you load a new zone

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    yeah there were people on earlier that said it was impossible for me to be getting 15 ms. said it was a bug, and the best you could get was 30. that's why I posted video instead of screenshots so people couldn't say i photoshopped it.

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    ...lucky bastard living in Germany...anywhooo

    Also dont forget we've also noticed if ya super terraform, it seems to create higher pings till baking.
    Please prove me psycosematicly wrong. Not sure if bakeing is in yet. But I have noticed a huge ping in heavily damaged areas. Figure the 24 hour baking will fix this.

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    Grats to you my friend, I think everyone here would love a connection to the servers that you have. Jealousy!

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    There will be a clamor for a European server if the combat is ping reliant. An east coast server would have pleased the majority.

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    140-390 from Russia, usually 156, not bad

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    so far I haven't noticed much of an advantage over other in combat with my low ping, so unless they revamp the entire combat system I doubt it will have much of an effect. However I do have an older set of video cards in this box so my frame rate is not at all great. my frame rate might be balancing out my low ping. lol

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