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    Guide Zuriel and other recycled guide names.

    I think it should be told to players when a guide steps down and a new guide takes thier place. While I did give permission to Xsyon to reuse my Guide name when i left. I do feel he dropped the ball by not letting people know that it is in fact NOT the real Guide Zuriel.
    Some of you liked me and some of you did not. But one thing was for sure I did clean up the forums and put a ton of work in behind the scenes. And not getting an announcement that some new guy has taken my name and more or less can take claim to my work is not right. So while you will see my guide name floating about rest assured it is not the real "Original" Community manager who worked hard for this game behind the scenes.

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    There is no intention to claim your work on the forums. The intention of the Guide names in the first place were so that Guides can remain anonymous and not connected with the actual player behind the Guide. I honestly prefer that Guides don't announce to the players who they are.

    You could have let me know this would bother you. I'm simply saving myself time and hassle in very busy times by not creating new accounts for every new Guide.

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