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    Red face Greetings to all!

    Hello everyone!
    Swedish guy here!

    Im one of those themepark MMO player. WoW, yes.. was my first MMO and been playing over 6 years now. Tried few other releases in search of something new but they are the same and boring, getting tired of it.

    I actually never tried a Sandbox game before. But everything i've read about this game in Features and I almost jizzed in my pants. Sounds so bloody awsome! I love to explore and everything about the enviroment, like seasons etc.
    Watched some tutorials and got even more hooked. Altho I'm one of those people liking shiny graphics in a game but if the gameplay is good enough, I dont give a ****!

    Now! I wont be able to get my friends over to this game. I might try but not sure at all if it will be possible.
    So, I will be kinda lonely so I will be looking for a tribe and few friends. To make the game experience more awsome. Hope there wont be any problems with the timezones etc.
    I hope I will be playing this for a long time

    Anyway, hope to see some of you in game!

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    Welcome Nice to see someone new to the sandbox style, hope you will enjoy it a lot ! If you are looking for a tribe, check out the Tribe Advertisement forum. A lot of tribes are recruiting, including Hopi, we have a nice amount of European members and we are a very friendly bunch of people. But look around first, and pick the one which suits you the best !

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    Welcome. You won't be alone at all, this is plenty of tribes recruiting new folks, you sure will feel like at home with the comunity, Have fun.

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