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    Looking for a home.

    Hey all just testing the waters here. SO far I have been a soloer but at release would like to find a tribe that I can call family. My current guildies and gaming friends haven't taken the plunge and well I don't think they will. I am a crafter/explorer type and would like to get into the player driven economy. Bartering/trading. I'm not the griefing or ganking type but do love to PvP and hunt. SO any tribes out there looking for another let me know.

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    Give the DHV recruiting thread a look:

    You can check out our website at as well. See if you're interested, if so, fill out an app. =)

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    You can check out Hopi as well, if you like what you see click on my signature that takes you to our site where you can apply. Have fun

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