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    With the fail of Earthrise

    with everyone now knowing that Earthrise is a game gone horribly wrong, all the chatter on the gaming forums from players who were anxiously awaiting the release of Earthrise is that these same players are now planning on coming HERE.

    I must have read 20 posts from players who were so disillusioned from Earthrise and almost every one of them said that they were planning on coming to Xsyon. This is the sandbox that everyone has heard a little about but were skeptical of.

    Like myself, I had been following Xsyons development for a long time before deciding to take the plunge. I had been anxiously awaiting Earthrise and upon being accepted into their very short beta before release and finding a terribly implemented ui, slow non responsive controls, and a quest system that requires you to grind it before letting you loose on a world that is completely devoid of content and doesn't even have a crafting system.

    Hopefully these people will like what they find in the world of Xsyon, and stay, populating our world. I for one will be happy when i don't have to walk for hours before seeing another living soul in game.

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    Glad to hear

    Sounds like we should get some bouncers and check IDs :-P

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    i'm playing ER too.
    think it is not so bad, when u play with friends. But i expect a lot from Xsyon. Since the last wipe the game is runing much beter for me, may be because world is still clear, don't know.
    actually ER is just a big arena. Xsyon's community is much "social". On betta i usually talking with people i meet. Xsyon is very more immersive too, (even no day/night cycle on ER where there is advance season cycle on Xsyon). Don't want to play to much on Xsyon by now for discover it at release, and hope we will have some surprises
    actually black point on Xsyon is battle system then it is the only good thing on ER, but i heard they will change it soon.
    I belive in Xsyon, it 's a very original game, very poetic world, it is a new generation sandbox game for me and i hope not to be disapointed.
    bye, and sorry for my very bad english

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    I was in the ER beta too (which is actually where I heard about Xsyon for the first time ). I chose to pre-order Xsyon instead of purchasing ER. So far I am happy with my decision. I brought a friend along with me too.

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    Another ER "refugee" here.

    I was extremely exited about ER, but as soon as I got to the beta I realized who unfinished that game is. It was a rushed release and sufferss the consequences. But luckily someone posten a topic on the ER beta forums, comparing ER and Xsyon. After reading the post I came here. After spending few hours reading about Xsyon, I preordered.

    Almost instantly after first login I started enjoy myself. In many ways this reminds me of my all time favourite MMO, Ultima Online. So, my thanks to the fellow who posted that topic.

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    I am kind of in the same boat. I had narrowed down the new games I wanted to try and it had come down to Earthrise or Xsyon. After putting some time into Earthrise beta, it was a no brainer. ER ran like complete utter crap on my computer, non stop hitching/stuttering and FPS that ranged from 1 to 25. The game might have been fun but I could not play it with my setup. Xsyon, besides being a great game for me so far, runs beautifully on my machine with everything maxed out on 1680x1050 res. Was refreshing after ER

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    Raises hand...ER refugee...As much as I like the setting it was just unplayable imho. If it survives I may go back to it. I just couldn't give them my money. Heard about Xsyon from the ER forums like others...I love irony...

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