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    Just wanted to say howdy all! Been playing MMOs for about 10 years, mostly fantasy, and I think I have finally found that game I have been looking for. Finally something different is coming out, lol. Game seems really fun so far, I am enjoying the crafting and the scenery. So far the community seems nice and mature. The only thing I have found imature was someone saying this "You are complaing about PvP in a PvP game, go back to WoW". Anyway, hope to see you ingame!


    EDIT: One thing I will never get use to is world PvP. :/ I don't mind it even with full loot, I just don't like it when I get zerged. It is never a fair fight, lol.

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    Hope to see you ingame and welcome also

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    Welcome bud

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    hello and Welcome to Xsyon!


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