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Thread: Oi!

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    Cool Oi!

    Salutations everyone.

    I'm new around (still downloading the game) and can't wait to start playing.
    Always loved MMOs specially these kind that give you free of choice.
    Started playing Ultima Online in 2001 and since then tried almost every MMO in the market.
    Now i'm looking for a new home with new adventures and meet new people.
    How big is the European community in this game? Would be nice to join an European tribe or even a Portuguese speaking one.


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    Bem vindo sim a comunidade europeia e bem grande

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    Welcome guerreiro, theres plenty of EU tribes you can join, go check the tribal advertisment section on the forums and youll find some there. I'm from spain, so we are fellow neightbours feel free to ask anything you need.

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    Welcome to Xsyon!


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    Welcome to the game.

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