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    The Klump Family: Post-apocalyptic rednecks.

    Well it damn sure looks like the apocalypse has done a number of them city folk. Not much else to do but forage for beer and get the roof fixed on that old outhouse. With enough duct tape and redneck engineering, we'll have this new world done up in no time. Ya see, ain't much really changed for us. Eat. Drink. Change grandpa's adult diapers.

    Good thing we're used ta havin a limited gene pool.

    Course, there seems ta be alot less critters runnin around these days. Fewer fish in the streams. Guess that's what happens when the Piggly Wiggly supermarkets all disappear on ya. Down right unnatural if ya ask me.

    Might be that we'll have ta hunt whatever's most in abundance. Guess that means other folks. Slather some of Uncle Jethro's Barbecue sauce on a fat, juicy thigh and toss it on the spit fer awhile. That's some mighty fine eatin right there.

    Good thing the fat ones tend to be slow.

    Anywho. Iffn yer interested in simple livin, good cookin, arts and crafts with duct tape, and think yer cousin's growin into a downright pretty young thang, come on down and join the Klump Family picnic. We'll leave the light on for ya.

    ================================================== ======

    The Klump Family is an Evil aligned RPing group which contains adult themes such as incest, cannibalism and Republican political talk. We're set up out in the boon docks (Zone 976), don't have a plan (or a clue) but sure think the trees look mighty pretty. And cousin Betsy.

    If interested, contact me (Molly) or Jethro in game.

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    This was a fun read (and great pict!), good luck with your tribe

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    Oh hey if it isn't my dog Molly!
    Good read, but I've got my own plans for launch. Well good luck and may we both chase each other with hatchets and knives like lunatics at night!

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