While ranged weapons haven't even been implemented yet, I felt I should push forward to a certain one of a higher technology I feel should eventually be added just to add to the scavenged technology feel of the game.

Pneumatic Weapons - aka, airguns. This is your "B.B. gun" technology. It gives a feel of jury rigging up a nice weapon from scavenged items that still gives an air of technology and the resemblance to basic firearms. And for all those who complain of guns emerging to destroy the game because it leads to automatic modern weapons and whatnot, they can rest assured with airguns since it's almost impossible to make an automatic air gun without the use of some heavy 300 lbs compressor attached to it (though on that note, some sort of immobile tribe town defense weapon like that WOULD be kinda neat).

The perks to pneumatic weapons are great -

They aren't overpowered, nor are they too weak.
They would be able in various forms that regulate between firing speed, power, and range (as well as ammo size, thus more cost to make each shot)- aka - repeater (still slow rate with low power), handgun, single shot heavy rifle (still probably not as powerful as a crossbow would be)
They are of a higher technology to give a post apocolyptic feel, but of less dangerous type than firearms
They make us gun nuts happy without intruding on the gun fearing wanting less gun intervention
More items to scavenge and build with and adds another set of variety to the game

Now, with this I'm not saying guns shouldn't make their way into the game (I definately wanna see muskets eventually, but no fully automatic weapons), but I think this would be a nice and "safe" transition between the end of prelude and the early guns.

A lot of us want guns, and a lot of us don't want guns, but I think an airgun would be a nice intermediate if we don't get some nice black powder goodies.