Hi. We have just pre-ordered and are downloading the game as I type this. My wife and myself enjoy sandbox and crafting types of MMOs so this seemed perfect. We have played many with standouts such as SWG and ATITD and EVE Online.

We are looking for a Tribe to join here in Xsyon. We have not yet experienced the game so are totally new to this and just read some and watched some of the videos. We are dedicated when we get into a good group and are looking for the same.

Requirements would be simple. Alignment must be on the good side, and not combat oriented as much as building and crafting.

We are both mature gamers ourselves and would prefer to get into a mature tribe, or one that has values and does not grief players.

We will be most likely logging in this evening (USA Eastern time zone) for the first time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Darod and Alyvia