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    Ranged (catapult)

    I read some things about ranged weapons, bows and crossbows may appear at some point.

    Would be good if you could start that with a catapult. (maybe you know it as a slingshot, like david and goliath, or like Dennis the Menace uses)

    Just a thought, wonder if thats something worth considering, very primitive ranged

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    I was able to do some Q&A with Jooky on my blog, And here I am asking about magic, But I think what he says at the end(In bold) may help.

    9) With Xsyon sounding something like a hybrid between fantasy and apocalypse, Will Xsyon be a magic heavy game later?

    I am planning to evolve the world to be something like in Arcanum, where there is a balance of magic and technology, but keeping things primitive for a while.
    From every thing I have heard and read, Jooky is going to start us off as low tech as he can and slowly add content in. I am sure we will see catapults, But this may be months away.

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    Maybe near Tribe Warfare system you see siege weapon ( i hope jordi make similiar Demolisher/Catapult/Siege engine or another vehchiles in wow very intutive and work well )

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    Or siege can be a slow phased process (to give the defender time to asemble and... well, defend) where you and your tribe need to take your siege weapondry + resources to survive (even a mobile respawn point).

    Siege and siege weapondry is a very long discussion to have.

    About the slingshot i hope they add it, its soo cool for a basic ranged weapon ^^

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