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    Connection dropped

    Not sure where to post this sorry.

    I bought the game today and have been downloading for several hours, but occasioanlly during the download i come back to the computer and see " connection droped" and have to relog in to the pathcher and resume the patch.

    any thought or fixes for this ?

    thanks, looking forward to goving it a whirl

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    Having same problems, any ideas?

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    Server went offline, same here!

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    Some of my responses are going to be a bit obvious.

    First, ensure you are "running as administrator" when starting using Windows7 and WindowsVista.
    Second, ensure that you have both Xsyon.exe as well as Xsyonlauncher.exe on the exceptions list of any firewall program you might be running.

    Lastly, I'd wonder about your internet connection itself. Sometimes the patcher does drop off line, but is a bit rare. It's also a bit on the slow side at the moment, due to high traffic, but as reported, they are working on upgrading them. So, while it can be extremely slow at the moment, it normally doesn't just drop off line.

    I have heard of issues of "program not responding." If you see this at any time, leave the program alone. Often times, 2 to 3 minutes later it will pick back up where it left off. If it lasts for 15 minutes, that's a different story, end now and restart.

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    Also, if "patcher goes offline," it could be you were trying to update while they were doing updates, server maintenance, or something along those lines.

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    I'm running as administrator and have added a program exception to the firewall which it seemed not to do automatically. Still having the problem as of right now (3:41am GMT). How can i check the actual server status to see if its just downtime?

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