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    stat loss a little too quick

    So I understand there is stat loss due to inactive skilling up. I am perfectly fine with that, however after just one day of play I already lost 1 stat point in strength.

    This is after playing most of the day. I skilled up in running, swimming, crafted like a beast, went hunting and killed 6 animals, and made it to level 2. I also hauled tons of metal from the junk pile to our tribe; yet I lost a stat point, and didn't gain in another area.

    I think one day is a bit rash, especially since I played so much and didn't gain in another area.

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    How could you lose Strengh ? For me the stats are staying the same as if the system is not enabled

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    I lost a point of perception even tho I was doing some woodworking and scavenging. With the amount of terraforming I performed it would have been nice to see Strength increase, but it stayed the same.

    and today i lost a point of agility even tho my jumping is around 46 and running is 22. odd system, guess it will take time to figure out.

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    I have been actively playing for 5 days and have lost 1 spirit and one strength. I have been hunting animals and crafting like mad. Seems like this decay needs to be turned waaay down.

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    tbh i think what we see now is the decay that you get when you do nothing. Did you saw any stat rising ? No so i guess stat gain is disabled therefor the game thinks you do nothing

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    That very well could be. I have had no attribute gain. So I guess we will wait and see, but if it degrades as fast as my thirst and hunger we're all going to be invalids by the end of month one.

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