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    Possibly looking for a tribe

    A friend and I are debating tribal options currently. We are deciding if we want to try founding our own tribe or joining our hands to another group. We are currently playing around in our own little two person tribe right now figuring out various things. There are a lot of tribe recruitment threads and unfortunately I don't have a lot of time right now to dig through a bunch and see what I might find. So, curious to see what might be around to accommodate both of us so we can potentially be in a tribe together as we try figuring out our final options before the game truly kicks off next week.

    A bit about the characters:

    Skills: I am wanting to end up doing Animal Taming, Agriculture, and probably Healing when they come along. For the start I haven't settled on the skills I want to work with, but with cooking coming in soon and it affecting spirit, which animal taming also is affected by I may end up with cooking and possibly something else to keep me occupied.

    His laptop makes him what I call him snail like. He looks fine on the machine, but when I look on my screen he is stuttery and extremely slow. I am going to try getting him the last 1GB needed to max it out to see if it helps. So based on that he probably wouldn't venture much out of the village and likely not very far. We were discussing him possibly being a fisherman and cook, if the tribe has a water source in its boundaries. He might be interested in doing some other type skills if he can be supplied or possibly work out crafting the items in exchange for what he needs to get by in the world.

    Stats: I am aiming towards high intelligence, spirit, and charm which affect the skills I am most interested in exploring based on what is out there currently or planned to be added.

    Not sure what his stats will end up looking like as we haven't figured out exactly what would work for him yet.

    Tribal requirements:

    Voice chat: optional or none. I sometimes wear my headset, but I do not like to wear it all the time and overall prefer not to worry about it at all given other than the head set I do not have another sound source when not wearing it. I do not believe he minds it as much if the conversations are good.

    Age: We are both in our mid-30s. We don't mind younger people as long as they are mature and fun to be around.

    PvP: Being his system is snailish, he can't participate in PvP. I do not want PvP to be my life. I do not mind it from time to time. I am more than willing to try helping defend our land, but wouldn't necessarily be up for constantly being on the warpath.

    RP: Optional/none. I don't mind and likely would participate in some RP, but he has no interest in RPing.

    Alignment: Good or neutral. Based on what I have dug up on alignment I imagine we probably fall more in to wanting to be in a good tribe, but neutral may also be acceptable.

    I'm sure there is probably some other stuff I am forgetting about right now, but that hopefully gives you a bit of information to see if we may be potentially something your group is looking for. I'll probably look over things Thurs or Fri when my "weekend" is and I am sure we will be discussing the final end of things over the next few days it would be good to be settled on a tribe or start getting ours more organized over the last few days before the wipe.

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    Sounds like you both might be a good fit for DHV, check us out at and our recruiting post here on the Xsyon forums:

    We're an 18+ only guild, with quite a large amount of us 30+ (I'm almost 40 myself). Anyway, I think we pretty much fit exactly what you described, hope to hear from ya soon. =)

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    We are a new Tribe of 8 members, we are close knit and plan on focusing on building and crafting and growing our tribe and protecting it,

    We'd love to hear from you both you can private msg me or look me up online ingame name is Manuela

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    Thanks everyone for letting us know where we might go After spending some time talking to another small group of people near us we think we are going to try our own tribe first, but will definitely keep you guys in mind if in the future if we find we do want to go a different direction.

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    Well hey there Sky, its me the mountain hermit.

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    Welcome to the game, And if your still looking for a tribe check out Hopi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resterz View Post
    Well hey there Sky, its me the mountain hermit.
    Hey mountain hermit, coming out of the hills I see

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