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    Hunter/Soldier/Scavenger Looking for Tribe

    I just stumbled upon this game a few days ago and am loving the possibilities so far. I've decided that I need to join a tribe to get the most out of Xsyon, so let me give you some information about who I am and what I'm looking for in a tribe.

    About Me

    I'm 26 years old and a fairly hardcore gamer. I'm also a writer, blogger, and an average HTML/CSS web designer.

    What I'm Looking For

    I suppose I'm looking for a Good or Neutral tribe. I haven't had a lot of time getting into the crafting or profession system, but chances are I'd prefer being on the combat side of things. This doesn't mean I need PvP or need to be out hunting for other players to kill. I'm not a fan of mindless PvP for the sake of it.

    With that said, I'd love to help out with crafting as much as possible. If this means escorting crafters to and from resource locations, or lending a hand by carrying resources myself, I'm all for it.

    While I understand that tribes may be selective about who they recruit, I'm selective about who I stick with. I like tribes that are organized but not micromanaged (e.g. large flow charts with specifically designated roles/ranks). I don't want to logon and be told that my job is to guard, and that's all I'm allowed to do.

    The tribe I stick with also needs to have a decent backbone for communication such as a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server. Websites are well and good, but they aren't enough. Oh, and there is also the potential that I may be able to get a few of my friends to join me eventually, but that isn't certain.

    Thanks and I hope to see you all in Xsyon!

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    Welcome , and check dhv thread

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    Welcome, check out Hopi if you like.

    We are a mature, good aligned tribe, organized but democratic and no way micromanaged We do have ventrillo but its optional, its up to the members if they wish to use it or not.

    If you like what you read click on my signature that takes you to our site where you can apply. Feel free to pm me if you have any further question.

    See you in game, have fun

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    Check out our recruiting page HERE And also head over to our WEBSITE and check us out there as well. You sound like some one that could fit into the Hopi. We will need good people that can PVP.

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    Before you get confused, yes we are in the same tribe with Alik He probably didn't see my post hehe

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    Thanks for the replies. I've submitted an application to Hopi. As for the Dark Hand of Valor, I like the organization, but I'm not really looking for a multi-gaming guild environment for this game at this time. If that ever changes I'll let you know.

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    check out templar if you want to join the top tribe in xsyon.

    our forum post

    our offsite forums

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