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    Tribal Directory: Intro

    Welcome, this is the Tribal Directory where you can find important information for a range of tribes.

    The Directory is listed in four lists. They are listed one for their alignment, and then any non-English tribes are listed by their language in the Language thread.

    The threads will list the tribes in alphabetical order, and in grouped posts because of the character limit set to all posts may become a problem.

    1. Tribal Directory: Good Alignment
    2. Tribal Directory: Neutral Alignment
    3. Tribal Directory: Evil Alignment
    4. Tribal Directory: Language
    5. Terms of Service

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    Terms of service:
    1) To be listed here, you need to have a thread Tribe Advertisement for the same Tribe.
    2) Language and media used in both here must met the standards of your alignment.
    2.1) Good Alignment: Cannot include offending language or media. Cannot insult or flame others.
    2.2) Neutral Alignment: Cannot include offending languages or media.
    2.3) Evil Alignment: Can include insults, flames and some offending language. Moderation will still happen on anything 'over the top'.
    3) All external links must be viewable to Guests, to ensure that they follow Xsyon Terms.
    4) These rules are not the full review of what is needed. If at any time the rules need to be 'spelt out' they can be edited here without warning.

    5.1) Name: The official name of the Tribe.
    5.1a) Media: A visual logo that the Tribe can use. Limited to the current Avatar settings.
    5.2) Alignment: The alignment of the Tribe.
    5.3) Motto: The motto of the Tribe.
    5.4) Forum Link: The full URL to the thread listed in TA.
    5.5) Links: Links to external websites, must met standards and limited to three links.
    5.6) Rules: Do you use Vent? Optional or Enforced? This currently is the only rules that is 'enabled' but if your tribe has a 'Rule' post it and it can be reviewed, must not break any forum rules.
    5.7) Player Base: Time zones your players currently are, or limitations on recruitment based on time zones. "World Wide" is default (meaning no limitations).
    5.8) Tribe Languages: Included when any language other than English is understood. Include if English is not understood as well.
    5.9) Tribe Description: A description, or area to talk about your tribe to attract the "right" type of membership. It is limited to 1100 characters, and must reflect your tribes alignment.

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    [I]Name:[/I] [B]__Name__[/B]
    [I]Media:[/I] [B]__Media__[/B]
    [I]Alignment:[/I] [B]__Alignment__[/B]
    [I]Motto:[/I] [B]__Motto__[/B]
    [I]Forum Link:[/I] [B]__Xsyon Thread URL__[/B]
    [I]Links:[/I] [B]__External Link (x3 max) - (Place name of the link in brackets next to each link it refers to)__[/B]
    [I]Rules:[/I] [B]__Rules__[/B]
    [I]Player Base:[/I] [B]__Player Base__[/B]
    [I]Tribe Languages:[/I] [B]__Lanagues__[/B]
    [I]Tribe Description:[/I] [B]__Description__[/B]

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