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    Tribal Directory: Good Alignment

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    A - D

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    A Better Tomorrow
    A better tomorrow focuses on PvP, PvE and Crafting
    ABT Website This website may not comply with Xsyon TOS, view at your digression
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Player Base: World wide, primary evening EST.
    Non-standard Languages: German

    After the Destruction of the Technology , we where scattered trough the new world. We know that it would commin, but we didnt saw it simply. We were civil engeneers and some military operatives from a European Military Unit, visting the United States for a technology transfer from the European Troops. All seems to go well, when the cataclysm appeared. Our memorys have faded and we forgot many from our past. Moste of us was originated from Germany, and now we was cut off from our home. Even in this new world, Europe was most deffinitly gone and all that we know was dead. But, many of us still remembered that there was a "Better World" that we had created through science and wisdom. So we make a decision. We would bring this new World "A better Tomorrow" through science and wisdom. And we would fight agains the forces that destroyed the world of yesterday. We would not make the same mistake like the people in the past.

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    Dark Hand of Valor
    Good People, Good Times
    Dark Hand of Valor
    Recruiting Thread

    Player Base: World Wide

    Are you looking for a tribe of fun, relaxed, good people to hang out with while building an epic town to call our home? Then Dark Hand of Valor is for you. DHV is a multi-gaming guild that was founded on the idea that gaming should be fun, not work.

    We want people to play the game their way, be it jumping right in on the front lines and defending our town and destroying the enemy in PvP, or wandering around hunting, gathering resources and exploring. Or perhaps you would prefer to dedicate your time to arming our warriors with a crafting group, or working to help us build a mighty town.

    We welcome all types of players and plan for our guild to fully enjoy all aspects of Xsyon. We have room for both hard core players with lots of time to devote to the game as well as those with busy outside the game lives that just want to hang out and relax for a few hours a week.

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    E - H

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    Hopi is a Tribe that is for people that want to be a part of: . . Building/Crafting/Defending Honor & Protecting the World
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Xsyon's Hopi

    Player Base: World Wide

    Hopi is a Tribe that is for people that want to be a part of: Building/Crafting/Defending Honor & Protecting the World

    Our tribe is a family-friendly tribe made up of people from all ages and areas of the world. We wish to make a place where all can have fun.

    Our Focus:
    Peace - Creating a safe environment for crafters and gatherers.
    Prosperity - Ensuring that the tribe and its allies grow and expand.
    Community - Providing a place for other tribes and players to have fun and participate in trade.

    We are open-minded people that will defend our territory and allies against all threats. We will also offer help to those in need and provide a safe haven for good and neutral tribes and players.

    We Offer:
    Ventrilo server
    Website and forums
    Fun-loving and mature community

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    I - L

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    Knights of Septoria
    We will focus on PvP, PvE and crafting
    Knights of Septoria
    Tribe Recruitment Page

    Player Base: World wide accepted, currently EST main.
    Ventrilo is a requirement of joining our Tribe.

    The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. ~ Sun Tzu

    “We are a progressive team of individuals devoted to player versus player interactions and through mutual understanding and commitment with our crafters and PvE'ers seek to achieve glory in Xsyon” ~ Knights of Septoria

    “Every member makes up a part of the whole, and through the combined efforts of all members the whole is formed.” ~ Autumn Frost

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    Q - T

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    Casual and good-natured builders and warriors
    Tribe Recruitment Page

    Player Base: World Wide, U.S. EST at present

    New players banding together to explore and thrive in Xsyon. Decisions by consensus, leadership by those who take the initiative and responsibility to serve. We are interested in crafting, building, trade, shamanism and intelligent warfare vs. gankers and enemies.

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