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    Grid on ground with terrian options open

    Terra forming is a bit of a pain because it's hard to see how flat an area is. It's worse with snow and when you add runing running with low graphics settings...

    What would be idea is a small grid or show the polly lines for the area that would be effected if you did a terrain action. Handy for controlling what you effect. And for survaying what you want to do, have extra grid area around the effect area but in a different color/brightness. Make the boarder area the same width as the effect area.

    Maybe allow putting temp stakes in the ground also for marking off an area, but unlike with other objects, these would not prevent you from terra forming or planning a building/wall. Once you are done working on the area, you could then pull up the stakes for use else where.

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    Yes many of us have talked about this before, And we have asked for a grid. Right now most people use the POS to terraform with. The stake is a great idea, I would make it where when you set the stake down that you get a small grid around that. Being able to terraform on and around it would be best. I would also make the stake a consumable item.

    But Jooky knows he has to do something for us, And have said that he will come up with something for us, We just don't know what that is yet.

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