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    Any Spanish clan?

    Greetings from Spain, I would ask if there is any clan Spanish.



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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    Yo sé algo de español, pero no mucho. Aunque estoy adivinando que busca hablan fluidamente el español. Lo siento por mi español pobre, yo soy de Estados Unidos.

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    oh your spanish its good,mi english is poor xd im from Barcelona hehe.If, I am looking for a clan that they speak Spanish.

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    si, si hay uno. esta todavia en formacion.



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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    sorry for speak spanish guys.

    Pd: lorenzini tu estas hay registrado?

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    oh dios!!!! hahahahaha chikos! hahaha para un clan español me apunto!!!!! hahahah

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    bandersnatch pasate por este foro y te registras,hay estamos en contacto.un abrazo.

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?


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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    [b]capitantrueno wrote:[/b]
    [quote]sorry for speak spanish guys.

    Pd: lorenzini tu estas hay registrado?[/quote]

    sip, ya lo estoy

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    Re: Any Spanish clan?

    I am latin and i only know of one tribe that thatis using spanish as its main lenguage
    The Washo tribu. name of the leader is sempervirens good luck

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