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    Broken function regarding Attribute changes

    Been gaming a few days and noticed the drop and supposed raise in attributes depending on usage. Well... The drop is definatly there, which I for one think is one of the few things I realy DONT like with the game. Been doing a LOT of scavanging but still, no raise in Perception. Been fighting and killing a few animals but still, Agi drops one point. So something is off with the system.
    I am of the opinion that is should just be removed. Let the stats be, or make sure they are increased aswell as decreased.

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    I too wonder if this is "Working as Intended"....raised terraforming to 52...also doing fishing, logging, scavanging, and hiding to minor degrees inbetween TF work. My strength dropped......which one would think it should raises...with all the carring heavy dirt and digging that is involved. no other stats have raised.

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    Except one spirit point i dropped nothing. that is strange and i didn't perma craft and logged all the time. The spriti point was probably lost because i killed a good player

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