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    FooD - A clan for keeping the peace

    FooD is looking for members to flesh out a small, peace-keeping oriented tribe roughly located around Zone 937. Our goals are to act as a sort of "police" to the tribes living there as a helping hand for all in need of aid, while working out of our home in the mountains.

    Our goals - To aid the local population of our area, regardless of their alignment, so long as they keep the peace with the other locals. We also seek to better our tribe in the traditional sense through building up and thriving despite expected challenges to come.

    Are you right for FooD? - Our tribe has a mature atmosphere, and those not suited towards the occasional harsh bit of language need not apply. Our profanity is not tasteless and excessive, but it is there and we'd prefer to avoid an incident due to it.

    That aside, FooD looks for people of all playstyles so long as they have a basic diplomatic sense and mediation skills, as our major goals require such things.

    ----I can be contacted about membership in game under the name "Gideon", or here on forums via PM. A short interview involving a few questions about your personal character goals will take place, but will not influence whether or not you join. You may also contact Funjello in game for more information.

    EDIT: Current members of FooD in need of a reinvite should PM me to set up a login time to ensure both of us online if you're having trouble getting hold of me or Funjello (who also has recruiting power) in game.

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