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    Still Looking Evil

    I'm still looking for an evil tribe.

    No griefers please but ganking is great Looking to add a bit of balance in the game and possibly do a bit of light role play. I have no mic, but use vent, etc, to listen in.

    North American play times.


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    just and fyi your barred from templar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xx1327 View Post
    just and fyi your barred from templar
    Allright, what the hell, I'll bite: Why am I barred from Templar? Too cool? Too smart? Too handsome?

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    Too evil, I'd guess. I'm leading VexX gaming in Xsyon and you seem like an awesome fit. How do I know?

    I read your blog ^_^

    First of all, this:

    Is basically my desktop too. I frigging hate it, its getting ridiculous. Either way, the rest of that post is genius, especially the point on Warhammer. Second of all, you're a mature player who loves PvP in a rational way. Those are hard to come by. If you want to spring for a $10 stand-alone mic, we'd be happy to have you. We use TeamSpeak3 as a multi-game community. We've got guys in Xsyon, WoT, and we've played Rift, Faxion, and G&H for a while. We play LoL and DCUO as well, with some other games thrown in there.

    You up for trying us out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by otomotopia View Post

    I read your blog ^_^

    You up for trying us out?
    So you're the one reading my blog

    Thanks for that. I'm short on time atm, but I did go and check out your guild web-page. I'd be needing a clan for WoT as well, so it may work out. Give me a few days and I'll post an app on your site if I think we'll be a good fit. I'm not convinced I want to get back into mic-related gaming yet....still in 'retirement' from Guild Wars pvp action and have long-ago given away my mic........long story.

    In any case this is off-topic, so I'll end it here...thanks again!

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    No problem. We're very laid back in conversation, and, well, very off-color too. Of course, we do take our involvement in games seriously, jokes are all around. Guild wars must have been very frantic and stressful if you put down voIP; we play games to have fun and relax. Even when killing things ^_^

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    We will most certainly be a ganking type red clan..

    only just getting this division off the ground tho..but we have been gankers in DF and MO in recent years

    Mic is a requirement at all times when in game it may not work.

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    Has anyone read Gankalicious? Great Blog!.....*

    *Topics presented by the author may, or may not, have been entirely made up by the author.

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