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    Good/neutral players and respawn

    To me, it seems extremely unbalanced that good/neutral players respawn an infinite number of times on the spot while evil players have to spawn elsewhere (correct me if that's not the case). I'm gonna be leaning around the neutral/good part of the spectrum myself, and I still don't want this to be the case because it just seems way out of balance.

    It seems like EVERYONE should be able to spend ~30 seconds as a ghost and respawn on the spot, but have good/evil/neutral have different amount of respawns allowed per set amount of time. I'm just gonna throw out random numbers for the sake of example: Good players would be able to respawn 3 times per hour on the spot and have to respawn at their totem/starting place the 4th time. Neutral players twice, and Evil players once. Or, instead of having the same time to reset number of respawns for each alignment, you could have 1 respawn each for different amounts of times. For instance: Good could respawn once every 15 minutes, Neutral once every 30 minutes, and evil once every 45 minutes. I know PvP isn't the main focus of this game, and I agree wholeheartedly with that. However, the PvP system that's currently in place just seems to extremely favor the "Good" and to a lesser extent "Neutral" aligned characters.

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    Good tribes have their's limitations too and they may be hard to keep. But to avoid expoits I'd suggest that(at least) good players killed on evil territory should respawn at totem.

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