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    A new surge of players for a borked quest system

    So i noticed that there is hundreds of new players since a week or so.

    Must be the fact that earthrise is a big pile of crap.
    This game aint much different but your money might serve into hiring devs.

    I always hoped for the best for this game but ended up frustrated from the lack of content update.
    Game is empty when it comes to player population and content-wise.

    I also notice that most people have huge hopes almost to the point of being naive.
    In 10 months they have added tribes, quests, 4 mobs and a lot of stabilization/network/terrain stuff.

    Hopefully jooky can hire people who can implement content because right now i am not even gonna play my first free month.

    Basically this game is a tradeskillers game right now... else you hunt the 4 mobs available and bring back the stuff to the tradeskillers.... thats a whole lot of roles (2).

    The latest update gave us quests. I had big hopes for that but it seems like it's a big joke since it's less than half complete. While i can see some good into it, it's lacking so much that it is actually laughable.

    So basically this is a 'grind the tribe quests' game and there is nothing else really. Tribes are protected and the open pvp game was just a gimmick for money.

    The same can be said about the concept art showing guns and the screenshots showing content that does not exist, as well as the feature list still missing so much. Same with the loading screen w/ satellite dish and bow.

    I have tried getting into this game but there is no point to it. PVP is a second thought and combat system is a joke. Anyone with an explorer/killer background is left off. This is strictly for tradeskillers and the rest is neglected.

    3 weeks to go. Good luck really...

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    Have this game now for 1 week. I already read that they spend the last year to redoing the code because it was a mess. More animal types will be added with release. PVP will looked inot after release with adding archery short after release......i don't know with a litte bit efford i could get these informations

    Question is why are there always these people who don't like a game and still they post over and over in the boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    Question is why are there always these people who don't like a game and still they post over and over in the boards.
    hes mad

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    Are you done? Just curious.

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