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    Leaders the time has come to discuss CURRENCY!

    So what do we have so far?
    Can Tabs
    Bottle Caps

    Who wants to step forward and start putting a value on these items so we can start using it as soon as they fix the stackable item bug?

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    Unless they can be used as ammo at some point you can keep your pre-war money. It's worthless to me... I trade in rivets, screws, nails, and such.

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    I think currency wont be important until the establishment of the civilization.

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    You will just be handing us resources we wont need money.

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    I know whats in demand atm and I aint tellin

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    [QUOTE=FabricSoftener;41002]I know whats in demand atm and I aint tellin [/QUOTE]

    why post?

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    Everything has value, but we don't have a price. Also, currency needs to be assigned a value. No value on units, no 'trade'. It's going to be so much fun to work with this during our time in Xsyon.

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    I guess currency won't have the same dynamics all over the map. Also i figure that different currencies are going to be adopted on zones. Maybe the trading post (or a well organized tribe) in zone 777 will start to consider buttons valuable, so evryone in the sourroundings who want to have access to their goods will be forced to use buttons as well.
    The same way i don't think that barter stuff is gonna be very successfull. Or convenient at least. If i have to travel to get my new shiny axe set, i prefer to go around as lighter as possible so i can have more chances to run from an ambush; or just cover more distance and resting less.

    Well probably we could see courrency very soon and influent tribes will set the exchange rate. At least i hope so :P

    Edit: sorry for my english hehe

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    No problem. It was very articulate here. Most people won't put stock in 'buttons' until buttons have worth. Until then, its going to be barter. Then exchange rates will be set. Hehe, war may be declared over that too. /shameless PvP plug

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