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    Zoom to 1st person view

    Most games use the mouse wheel zoom in/out to switch between 1st/3rd person. Zoom all the way in and it switches to 1st person. That would make it a lot quicker then having to scroll through views with the home key, but instead it currently just stops at the back of your chars head. When zooming out to 3rd person view, have it return to which ever view it was in when switched to 1st person. Then remove 1st person view for the home key scroll list and it will be shorter and quicker to find the 3rd person view you want.

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    yes, I would like the zoom to 1st person as well. Right now, back of head is as close to this as I can get lol. This would also make entering combat easier/ running along...see deer...zoom in for using bow (when they're implemented)

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    I would like to have the same view options as in darkfall because i think thats the best solution. 1st Person or 3th person close view. And if you press right mouse button you are in GUI mode and can use your mouse.

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