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    Divided Allegiance (Neutral, 40+ members)

    Hello all, I'm Shaggy and I'm the leader of a newly formed neutral tribe: Divided Allegiance.

    Divided Allegiance is a gaming community formed back in 1999 playing a variety of games since with many members from the original community back then. We are a collection of tribes/guilds that play many games together (one guild/tribe per game) and many play multiple games within the community. No members are required or even expected to play any other games within the community. One of our first members when I started this tribe was the one that invited us into this community. At the time of this post, we have roughly 40 to 45 members.

    Divided Allegiance is currently a neutral tribe that will be focusing on developing a name for ourselves within the Xsyon community. We will not be going around killing people but we most definitely will not be carebears. You mess with us, we mess with you. You attack us, we destroy you.

    We are a tribe open to almost every kind of player. Even if you've never logged into the game and want to start out in an awesome tribe, we'd love to have you. We're a mix of new, experienced, casual, and hardcore gamers alike. If you are a casual gamer, you've got a spot in our community. If you're a more hardcore gamer, you've got a spot. No matter what time zone you're from, you're welcome in our tribe (we already have people from many different time zones with several that overlap). Whether you want to focus on crafting, hunting, trading, etc--you'll be right at home in Divided Allegiance.

    We are a tribe that will run like a democracy--every tribe member will have a voice. I am not going to be the type of tribe leader described by the phrase "my way or the highway". I want everything in this tribe to be a collection of everyone's ideas--and it's already begun to do that with the members we have so far. At the time of this post, we're coming up to the days before the final wipe and everyone in the tribe is contributing in one way or another. Many are gathering supplies and making as much with their respective crafts. Many have simply gone out to collect supplies for the tribe. Many have been contributing to help plan out how our city will be built and organized. The point I'm making here is that this tribe will act as a collective mind.

    We have moved to a new undisclosed location. If you are interested in joining, you'll be told where we are once you're in the tribe.

    All that being said, tribe members who show initiative will be given the opportunity for leadership positions within the tribe. These kinds of things include but are not limited to: developing trade relationships with other tribes, helping out with recruitment, helping new players get acclimated into the tribe, etc etc.

    We have a few basic rules:
    -Don't be a jackass to other players, especially within our own tribe. We're all here to play and have fun, after all =)
    -General bigotry and blatant immaturity will be strictly forbidden.
    -Don't go ganking people and engaging in PVP everywhere. Because we're a neutral tribe, there will be a time and place for that.
    -Swearing will generally be OK, just do it within limits.
    -Everyone's welcome to generally do their own thing, but sometimes we'll want ya to help out with the tribe. This might include things like crafting things that your craft makes that another person needs, helping gather supplies, helping out with a hunt, etc etc.
    -There will be a storage system set up at the final wipe day that we'll expect everyone to adhere to.
    -We have a vent (also have a backup vent, mumble, and TS) and forums. Registration on forums is required and we want you to check them enough to be able to keep up with the tribe's day to day operations. I'd also like to see members participate on the forums instead of just read them, but if your not a forum type that's fine, just keep up to date with what we're doing. As for the vent, it's OK if you don't want to speak in the vent but we will want you to at least listen in whenever you're on since you can just type back to us with /t. However, we'd obviously prefer everyone to use Ventrilo.

    You will see the rest of the games in our community on those forums. We'll be sticking to our section in the Xsyon forum. If you are invited to the tribe, PM "Darkcrystal" on our forums and he'll give you access to see the General forum in the Xsyon section. As for now, you'll only be able to see the Recruitment forum (which will be used for recruitment once official launch day hits).

    If you'd like to join up, or if you have any questions, PM me or Sionide in game, on these forums, or on our own forums. We're set up by the Sugar Pine starting point (western edge of the lake), so head on over to zone 857 and ask around for Divided Allegiance if you'd like to be part of one of the future powers of Xsyon.

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    Now that we've got a few extra days, we're gonna be planning out how to build our city more and more. Things are going to come along really nicely! =)

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    Hi there. Ive only logged about 2 hours worth of gameplay. Nothing really. But this looks just the thing im interested in. I played darkfall for a while but got swamped with university work and couldnt keep up with the times. However this was last year, no problems now

    Maybe i could come hang out with you guys sometime, see how things are ran

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    Sounds good Atreyu =) Like the name... I used to listen to that band in high school haha. I'm gonna be out of town this weekend but my members have invite rights so just hop in to the Sugar Pine starting area (zone 857) and ask around for Divided Allegiance in the general (or global) chat channel. Let me know if noone is online when you are on and I'll let you know exactly where the place is so you can go check out what it looks like and what we're up to. Granted, we haven't done much of our work because of the imminent final wipe, but we're kinda just planning out and trying different ideas with things.

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    bump for new members =)

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    Have you guys got members from europe? just asking because of time zones.

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    We have members all over. Also some on US play during the day here which is night for you. But yes we have all time zones .

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    Yep, we've got people from all over really. Last time I checked (I've been out of town for two or three days but am getting back tonight--so I can't check) we had about 13 or 14 people, and I know for sure at least 3 or 4 are EU players.

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    We've now got over 20 members! =)

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