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    patch stopped during process with about 800mb left

    I have downloaded the installer and was letting it do it's thing and it stopped with about 800mb left. Now when I attempt to run the patch I am getting Error: Unable to connect to thhe Xsyon patch server.

    Does this server go down sometime during the night? If so when should it be back on?

    Thank you.

    Added attachment screenshot of the Xsyon Launcher window for support purposes and blocked out my username/password just in case. Hope that helps.

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    Nevermind. It is just the server is down for a patch.

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    Thank you gundampilot20. Misery loves company. Sorry you are having the same problem but good to know it isn't just something on my end. I pm'd the gentleman that appears to be one of if not the developer to see if he could provide assistance as to what to do next. Hope we don't have to start all the way over.

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    It's back up and just got a PM. Man these guys are fast responders. Haven't played the game yet, but makes me feel good about my purchase. Thanks Developers!!!

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