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    Looking for Tribe - Good - Exploration/Discovery

    Looking for a tribe to join. Good Alignment. Would prefer a tribe whose focus is Exploration, Experimentation, Knowledge and Discovery.

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    Re:Looking for Tribe - Good - Exploration/Discovery

    Those are pretty much exactly what the United Survivor Republic is all about, except we're a neutral tribe.

    If you don't mind not being good per se, check us out. We always welcome new members

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    Re:Looking for Tribe - Good - Exploration/Discovery

    We, the Brotherhood of Change are a neutral tribe, but we will be focusing on Expansion, exploration as well as most other aspects of the game.

    Visit this link to learn more about us; [url][/url]

    Through Change we conquer!

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    Re:Looking for Tribe - Good - Exploration/Discovery

    Hello Xigmarus, I am currently starting a tribe (I have been thinking about it ever since I preordered this game) and we would love to have you. We are a flat out good tribe and only good, We are the Guardians of the Future and we are currently looking for members and should fit your criteria.

    Here is a link to the site.


    Also here is a link to our Recruitment post.

    Guardians of the Future is actively recruiting new members.
    If you are interested here is the site Guardians of the Future
    and here is our Recruitment Post.

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