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    The Chat Interface.

    Hey all,
    I just tried the game yesterday, and from what ive experience, im liking Xsyon.
    However, I do feel that the Chat interface could do with options to make it more user friendly, such as:

    - changeable colors for the types of chat. (Not a big deal but would be nice).
    - Changeable text size (bigger issue when using bigger screen resolutions, the text gets mighty small !)
    - Maybe a different font (linked to the point just above).
    - Maybe option for background to chat window (the red chat kinda bleeds into the background, with a dark transparent background would make it easier to read).

    Just a few ideas that might help.
    Other than that, Brill !

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    The chatsystem needs a big overhaul yes. it hurts my eyes to read chat sometimes, to small , hard to read, constandly having to chance my view direction deu to blending in whit the background.

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    I'm having a devil of a time trying to read that small red chat. I hope they fix it soon.

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    Agree, the font is too small.

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    I agree, it's a must redo ! At least, a faded background and font size selection. Tabs and colors would be nice too.

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