Either remove some colors or types from the cloth selection, -+14 colors eacht whit 8/9 typess non-stackable uses 7 full bags (grass type) , the scraps version of the cloth uses 7 bags.
the tarts made by the main parts (non-scrap) uses four of the same kind of the same color,. to stack tarts for buidling crafting you need 2to 12!! of the same kind/type of the same color .

this means if you use 4 cotton pink cloth to make one tart you -must- make all your tarts out of pink cotton cloth , this means that for a slight bigger house. (starting "simple tend building" you need 12*4 =48 pink cotton cloth. note that it must both be pink..and cotton..else it wont stack and its useless.

so 48 pink cotton "compleet" cloth. you have about (big guessing) 5 / 10 % chance then when you sort scavage cloth you find a pink one. then its a 10% over that its a cotton type one.

way out of controll

so either compleetly change the collor / type system of cloth. Or simple make all tarts stackable. no mather what color or type they are made off.

still leaves the insane I need 25 bags to sort cloth mats in but atleast its workable.