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    Uber Text lag and invisable islands...

    ok 7am here...many of ya know I get drunk but I wasnt tonight....
    Had the wierdest think happen to me tonight...
    Im running a Pick and a few weapons from the 970s to the 860s ie across the lake...

    First odd thing is I run into a huge island...not Avalon in the south but a huge one in the north..I even rested on it half way through the West to East Lake swim.....

    After I landed on it, my texting started laging about 30 secs behind...everything else was up to date confirmed when I made the trade later.

    Oddest part was, when i went to do the return swim...the island wasnt there!!!

    Devs, are ya messing with me, cuz I even remember they shore layout i rested on....

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    Well... maybe some serious lack of sleep or maybe you fell asleep for a while :P It would be awesome if things like that happend ocasionaly, I guess it's possible.

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    Hello ! The story is curious

    I think this post should come to th bug tracker secction though,in case it is a real bug.

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