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    Messed up cursors

    Fullscreen Cursor frozen/Windowed Cursor offset. Is there any plan to fix this? This game is unplayable in full screen. The cursor is frozen visibly and invisible. In windowed mode it is about an inch to an inch and a half below the target zone. UI glitches are my biggest turn off.

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    Hmm strange it works for me full screen but i can't TAB out to desktop because that makes the game crashing. I have the same in window mode with the mouse cursor

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    It works fine for everyone but you, so post this at the bug report section where the devs can check the problem and they can ask more info about your video setting. Or send a mail to

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    Strange I can tab out in full screen. Ok bug report made thanks for letting me know that I'm special.

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    i can also tab out but i don't get back into the game it freezes

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    I can confirm that the cursor gets offset from my two gaming sessions.

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    Yes, if I play fullscreen and tab out of the game it crashes. If I play windowed, for some reason on some parts of the UI my mouse cursor is like a cm off of where I want to click. It is not all all elements of the ui, mainly the emote section for some reason.

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    I have not had any luck playing in full screen either. It hangs when I exit and can't tab to desktop w/out crash. So I have just been running in windowed mode to be safe.

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