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    The Camera


    i think with my Suggestion we would increase the immersion we get while playing the game. The suggestion is related to the camera modes we have actually ingame. I would like to see a more direct control of your character so you feel more as you are the character ^^ In the last patch you already changed the point of the camera. If you zoom in now you end up at your eyes and not above your head as it was before patch.

    So what i want:

    -there are only two camera modes available:
    Close 3th Person View( the camera stays behind your character and it is so far zoomed out that you are able to see your feet from behind but not more)
    First Person explains itself

    -you are able to look around your character with middle mouse button while in sitting mode ("V") or sleeping mode ("B")

    -You can view around with your character with your mouse as it is now when you are in combat mode or when you press the right mouse button. however you still need to hit "C" to get in combat mode

    -The mouseicon to click buttons and perform actions in the world comes up when you hit the right mouse button and when you are not in combat mode

    I hope i didnt forget anything. But after zooming in my camera abit and only running around with combat mode i feelt much more as i was the character. As it is now its more like SIMS were you control an anonym figure from above.

    I Added an Attachment to show you how the maximal zoom out should be

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    Whats your opinion on that. Would be cool if you go ingame and run around with what i suggested and share your opinion if you feel deeper into to world ^^

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    It was suggested by someone before and Jooky said it won't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia View Post
    It was suggested by someone before and Jooky said it won't happen.
    Damn can't understand why

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    Whith more players in now. What is the general opinion about a fixed should camera which brings you abit closer with your character.

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