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    Looking for tribe


    I am looking for a tribe.
    It must be EU one so the timezones would fit. Mine in GMT+2
    Looking for mature and fun ppl to play with at some cool location.

    Feel free to make offers here

    I am also completely n00b so I have alot questions

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to this awesome game! Dig around these forums and find Saintbob's tutorial videos, they seem to help lots of new players. My tribe, Divided Allegiance, is open to members of all time zones. So far we have I think either 13 or 14 members and I know for sure at least 3 or 4 are EU players, and even some of our US players play very late at night (including myself hehe). I'd link you to our recruitment post but I'm on my cell right now and the browser is acting funky. Just head on over to the tribe advertisement section and find the post titled Divided Allegiance. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me. Again, welcome to the game

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    Welcome Check out Hopi, we have lot of European members (and US ones as well), mature and friendly group of people.

    If you like what you read about us you can apply on our site, just click on my signature it will take you there.

    Have fun in game

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    I actually have concerns on your building plans. Since my building ideas are massve and epic.
    The Tribe where I am currently temporary has mostly US players and they just build tents on plain ground near lake.
    And I wouldnt build exactly near to spawn point since its vulnerable to other players..

    For example: I spawned to one nice place and saw around the spawn point many campfires.
    I went to see them and mostly didnt had ppl around all stuff laying around their camp. I could easly go and stole everything from atleast 10 different campsites near spawnpoint which was in view range from the spawn. But I am not that kind of ppl who steals. But there is many ppl who does that.

    So before I join any tribe I would like to know theyr building plans how they are planning to guarantee ppl-s safety etc.

    So still looking for offers

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    Those are very valid concerns De7ilx. I know that Hopi strives for two things: security and long-term trading. Basically, we have plans to setup our camp on the high ground, with natural terrain acting as a great deterrent from possible threats. Of course, we plan on building defensive walls and structures to make up for what nature doesn't provide. With that said, we are focused on being a natural hub for the world, so we want to encourage trading, community events, etc. to take place on our land. We do not plan on building an iron fortress that shuts the world out.

    If you like the sounds of that, check out Hopi ( You can even get member status for a while and if you decide it isn't what you're looking for, you are free to go on your way, no harm done. Again, welcome to Xsyon. Good luck out there!

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