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    Former Eve player (7 years) looking for tribe

    First, i want to lay out what I am looking for in a tribe... if you believe you fit that description, than i want to talk to you via TS or Vent to see if its a match before joining.

    - semi HC Tribe
    - works for a purpose - if tribe leaders are lazy the tribe will go no where, same with tribe members - leader must be a leader... u know if u are or not (haha)
    - allows for some individual autonomy - i am a real life person (i will do what i want)... if tribe needs certain resources... i will help... but if i am just lining leader pockets... then bye bye.... no pawn here, i want to be part of a team with purpose
    - I do follow instructions - i am a team player - but i do have my own goals
    - good or evil makes no difference.. but Tribe should have an attitude towards pvp.. either protection of innocent (killing evil) or evil without boundaries (within game.. no hacking or breaking TOS rules)
    - US time zone preferred
    - active members - i play 4-5 days a week if not more after work and on weekends, but i do have a life and i live it.

    thats about it.. if you feel like your tribe fits closely with the above, then we can talk.

    if it helps, i have played EVE, DArkfall, Earth and Beyond, SWG (pre-cu), Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Perpetuum (among others)

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    Hum check my sig.... maybe help you

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    i will take a look, thanks.

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