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    First person view perspective seem off?

    I always prefer 1st person view for games. In this game, it seems off. Everything seems closer then it is. Also, When you look down, you should be able to see the front of your char and feet But can't. Maybe the camera is too far forward?

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    This is something that needs to be fixed, and should have been corrected a long time ago. I shouldn't be that hard to change the camera's FOV. I REALLY REALLY hope it gets 'fixed' before the prelude starts. Its driving me nuts. Especially in rugged terrain.

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    So it's not just me then...

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    The "realistic" swaying of the camera in firstperson makes me kind of ill too. I am not one to get motion-sick easily, but I can't stay in firstperson in Xsyon for more than a minute or two without feeling a little barfy.

    I hadn't even really noticed an issue with the fov cause I didn't stay in that mode long enough.

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    I don't feel nausea when in first person mode, but the sway is unnecessary and very annoying.

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    Yeh, I posted about this after the first 10mins I ever played this game. It definitely needs fixing, urgently.

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    The perspective is off maybe but leave the sway alone please.

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