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    Dismantle constructions --> Confirmation button

    Yeah, here is a an idea

    Both I and a few others seems to have by mistake and for my part probably some stupidity, dismantled buildings by mistake, since all it takes is a right click and an unfortunate leftclick in the wrong place and poof... gone.

    So... would realy like to se a serious mindnumbing and awakening Confirmation Button "Are You Sure Bumbass??" before a dismantle of a construction is performed.

    And upon that note, a recovery of at least some of the mats would be nice. I am sure that at least some parts would be usable again.

    Thats me for now, will sure return for more nagging

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    Agreed, confirmation button is a must ! Recovery of some of the mats are already planned as far as I know, perhaps even in the work hopefully it will be implemented soon.

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