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    Chat Channels Local vs the zone

    Was thinking that local chat is a bit to large. When u come to a tribe and starts talkin to them, perhaps dealing with one or several traders at a trading post, the entire zone hears u and your talks are mixed with others talking also in local.

    Therefor I suggest that local chat should be just that, chat within earshot and not entire zone. Instead, introduce a zone chat for that. And then we have yell for the entire world (for them with awsome strong lungs).

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    I agree with gerrig. A local chat that only spans a small radius with the current zone chat would be nice. It has gotten jumbled and i have had a few occasions were i didnt want to say things to a few non tribe members near me because of the large broadcast. Whispering each one is a pain.

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    How about bubble chat. Meaning that what you say appears as chat bubble above your character, that way only those close by can read what you say. This would also be a way to add realism to chatting. Actually I wouldn't mind removing local chat altogether and replacing it with bubble chat.

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    Agree, local chat area is way too big. I'd love to see chat bubbles as well, it helps communication big way.
    World chat will be removed by launch, its only in during the beta.

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    Bubbles are a neat idea but can make for a messy screen image in a village... but rather have that then local that is zone wide

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    As far as I know local chat will have smaller area at launch, chat boubles would be great. They we suggested already and hopefully we'll get them soon.

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    I'm all for chat bubbles as well

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    Chat bubbles would be awesome.The zone chat is too large only on beta, like the general chat, on Prelude will work different.

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    Roma Victor and Mortal Online have the chat just about right.

    This game would really benefit from speech bubbles though.

    Darkfall was ruined by the lack of speech bubbles. The game felt dead because of it.

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    If you are trying to get chat bubbles in. then there should be an option to turn it off. If you are hiding from someone or trying to sneak up on someone then a chat bubble is gonna give your location away.

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