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Thread: So... Macroing

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    Exclamation So... Macroing

    I'm a new player and am still learning the game. I did play Darkfall for quite some time and in my personal opinion what ruined the game for lots of people are players who macroed their skills with third-party programs all the way to the top and keep doing so even now, when it's illegal.

    I'm wondering what Xsyon developers politics are on macroing and how do they plan to fight cheaters? I've been doing some fishing in the game and found it to be one of the activities that could be easily macroed, since the action isn't twitch-based and it's a simple clickfest each 5 seconds or so. With players being untouchable in their tribal areas the whole game might become a free macrofest for everybody who wants to do so. In some other post on about hiding on these forums there were some players who almost openly admitted that they macroed hiding up to 100 in one of the previous builds of the beta client. That means that it's already technically doable.

    I'm really loving the game at the moment, but this whole macroing possibility really bothers me, because I've already seen one good game die because of it(yes, lots of people still play it but it's dead in my eyes, unless they wipe all the servers up and start doing something with the cheaters).

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    Yes agree macro destroy game/and/experience

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    Macroing is a big problem in Darkfall and ruined the game as you said. However I just hope DEVs will guard on that...

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    there are no static nodes like in darkfall though

    its gonna be harder to macro skill ups in this game for sure

    running/hiding yeah those are easy to macro but combat, foraging, salvaging, crafting etc will be harder.

    not saying its impossible but i would not lose sleep over it yet

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    macroing is very easy in xsyon because of these safezones everywhere :-)

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    Yes but terraforming/fishing/running/hidden/swiming fill 2 - 3 bar XP (each one)
    if your use Auto IT you can create complex macro(basic one bot)
    remember times in df use auto it for auto loot/scan my screen and shoot and others stuffs to become competitve ( in time dont play with dhv )

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    Quote Originally Posted by naughty View Post
    macroing is very easy in xsyon because of these safezones everywhere :-)
    Riiiiiight because it really made a difference in darkfall where people macro just about everywhere.....lost count of the number of times ive killed people macroing there and it makes zero difference. Terrible argument.

    Hoping the dev team set a solid rule from the get ago stating no macroing, and actively police it, I know id happily report anyone that did, and I know that in the more respectful tribes they already have rules set against it. I see it as exploiting, and there is a selection for that in the support section to report, so that makes me feel good at the very least

    Youre never going to stop it all, but id like some sort of stance.

    EDIT : Just to add, there is a line in the TOS regarding the use of 3rd party programs - You will not display inappropriate conduct while you have access to the game and its content. Such conduct includes but is not limited to: Use of third party software that would give you or anyone else an advantage of any form.

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    I've played a game which was fighting macroing by random events. Like if you fished for like 10-20 minutes a troll came out of the water and attacked you. Low level players had to run from it, high levels could easily killed it but if someone was afk the troll killed him in no time. In that game you dropped everything but 3 best items even in PVE death, so dieing for a river troll wasn't nice at all. Combine this with permanent stat/skill loss if dieing for a random event and you made macroing much harder.

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    macroers are companies best customers. sit back and think about it.

    long as they are not exploiting the game or intefering with someone elses gameplay they really are the ideal customer.

    sad but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia View Post
    I've played a game which was fighting macroing by random events.
    That's a very interesting idea, Jadzia. It reminded me of FFXI fishing where you always had a chance to fish out a monster of some kind, depending on your fishing rod and water you are fishing in. Even though macroing in both FFXI and FFXIV (yes, I played both) is close to impossible due to fishing mechanics.

    I think very simple fishing change would make it impossible to macro skills like fishing with simple non-tedious mini-games.
    Check this video of Final Fantasy XIV fishing, for example:

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