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    Max. x fish in the same area

    I suppose the fish doesn't run out atm, so you can just sit at one spot and catch fishes until your bag is full. Like this most fishers will be just macroing for hours.

    Rivers should be divided into squares. Each square is few sqm big. One square contains x fish. Once you catch x fishes from one square and the fishes realize that you want to harm them, they wander to the surrounding squares. Once one of the surrounding squares is fished, the fishes wander back and so on.

    This will prevent macroing and adds some realism to the game.

    Check my attached Paint masterpiece. :P

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    one way to minimize macro

    i like

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    Nice idea, there is so much more they can do with the current fishing system. I think that they confirmed that they will but I'm guessing it's not the highest priority at the moment. Anything that forbids macroing is a good idea for me. Not only that, but it gives something to do while you're fishing, even if it is just moving around.

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    I like this idea, +1. Will help prevent macroing and will add some realism to fishing.

    Also, along the same lines, I'm hoping one day we'll be able to set up fish traps in the water to collect a small amount of fish while we're away. Come back later and pick the fish out of the net, set it up again, rinse and repeat.

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