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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Hello Everyone!

    Well i must say i just want to start by saying i never in my life thought i would find a game that reminds me of the beggining of SWG like looking through everything i can find about this game!i havent pre ordered yet but im like so close to just doing it.i would like some feed back first about some in game systems.

    #1well first off,i am most looking forward to murdering as many of you as possible and it will probably be when your fishing or playing in the dirt or cutting down a tree and your not gonna see me coming till its to late but ok after i kill you and scalp you,lol what exactly goes on with alignment and how many victims will it take to get evil status,and once evil what can i do to get my alignment back to neutral then good.

    #2can i collect all my victims scalps and make myself a tent out of these scalps?

    #3now i have watched videos all of saintbobs vids and the others on utube and i love everything i see except the fact that it seems for combat there just isnt much to look forward to ATM..pls anything u can tell me about this would help me make my mind up.what mobs are in the game now and what mobs will be in the game when server goes live on the 18th.

    im gonna go from here and ask more if i need to once i read any feed back i get!thanks

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    Yeah that's my backup plan if things get too hard, just steal most of what I need. I plan on doing a heavy fighter to either counter guys like you and offer my service to some trading tribe or build a little hideout on a trade route and plunder it.

    I will go weapon craft and animal taming.

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    Welcome to the game!

    I completely agree with your statement about SWG! I am one of the disgruntled SWG vets in the MMO community that long for a game with the excitement of SWG back in it's glory days. Back when the game had thousands upon thousands of people playing. Now I don't even think there's over 1000 total.... Anyways, Xsyon is the only game since SWG to give me this kind of excitement. This game has some SERIOUS potential, there's no doubt about that.

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    Welcome i hope find fun

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    Yep it's a lot like SWG was for me in the beginning. Be aware that the combat is kind of clunky and so far I've only killed animals and one creep who jumped us while we were fishing Hmmm you haven't gotten in game yet have you?

    And actually I consider it a badge of honor that I died to a bear repeatedly trying to figure out how combat actually works. After that racoons and coyotes are a piece of cake. That's all I've seen of combat so far except the creep.

    No idea on how alignment works - after killing the creep I worried about it a bit but my hubby was calling me his hero, and pointed out we will get wiped so don't worry about it right now. Can you tell I don't PVP normally?

    The crafting is awesome. I love the variety, think I've done a bit of 4 or 5 crafting skills so far and have only been playing 2 days. I got the really important stuff done - figured out how I want to look on launch day and have figured out what skills I want to start with.

    Personally have sort of kept an eye on this for last 6 months or so. Was really on the fence because it sounded like Dark and Light all over again. But we finally decided to dive in this weekend for several reasons - #1 it's two months free with purchase, #2 for a game this size it's got lots of positive posts on, #3 I personally dread logging onto LOTRO these days (very tired of being on rails) and #4 my hubby and I couldn't think of anything else to give each other for Valentine's Day

    P.S. Oh I didn't get an option to scalp the creep but I did get to loot him!

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    lol awesome delvie no unfortunetly that wasnt me who jumped you fishing lol im not in game yet still havent made the plunge.i quit dcuniverse yesterday was gonna buy this phoned a buddy to get him to get it with me and he somehow talked me back to DC universe lo(i didnt even know he was playing it!l.that games pvp is incredible but people have found ways to cancel animations using macros and the right combos thats why i quit.anyway i think i still really want to try this game badly but now i gotta think if i want to part with 40$ while playing DCuniverse and even if i end up loving the game will my good friend even try it?i guess i think and just have to see what happens!If your a hunter you can decapitate people after you kill them so i have read!

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