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    New Player entering the Sandbox

    A few guildmates from Dark Hand of Valor have been playing for quite some time now and I decided to join them.

    Had a blast even trying to find our totem. Fought off a few animals and even chopped down a few trees on the way. Once I got to the camp I was amazed by all the freedom and options I had to make a space our own.

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    >) hum Welcome

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    Welcome! Glad you found your way!

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    Welcome to the game! Check the video link in my sig to see some great tutorial videos made by a guy named SaintBob, they seem to have helped many people get acclimated to the game.

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    Welcome, nice to see tribes bringing in more members! See you around

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    Hey Welcome, hope you enjoy the game.

    Any problems please contact me ingame.


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    Welcome Arquiteto, hope you enjoy the game as much as we all do. Few things for ya, /y is global chat in game and /w [name] is whisper. Eating is done by fishing, which requires a pole, also you can forage for oats, flowers and such. You do not have to pick fishing or foraging in your character creation, it is a gathering skill and can be used by anyone. If you have any questions or issues, please ask in game or post here in the forums, the community is a great one and we are all here to help and have fun. Again, welcome to Xsyon!


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