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    Serious problem! Dismental button Anyone can do it

    Ok this is big problem it seem anyone in your tribe can dismental buildings! So all that hard work u did can be gone in seconds... Tribes can send in spies and they can pretty much crash all buildings...

    This is serious there is no option on totem to prevent tribesmen from dismentaling walls buildings! Unless I am missing option then this need to be looked at with great attention....

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    Think perhaps that for an intruder to dismantle a building on anothers tribe ground should be a lengthy business, allowing for tribe members to discover and interupt the intruder.

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    And you sure he didn't had permission to build structures ?

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    All members can build structures but i had confirmation that will be fixed on launch day! permission options havent properly been introduced yet

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    I am very sad that there are these artificial barriers that prevent people from going into an empty village and wrecking it.

    I really hate these silly barriers. Yes I know people will get annoyed as people will grief but it would make the game so much better.

    I would get over this problem by being able to hire NPC to protect your village.

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